This is not really a blog post

This is an obligation to have a sort of blog post (as in, something) posted on Friday. I want to be writing my book instead of writing a blog post. So in lieu of a blog post, this is what I have recently learned (and have resolved to remind myself of every day):

1. It is easy to want to be a writer. I've gotten that one down. If wanting to be a writer was a career, I would be stellar at it. (I'd make a lot of money doing that too. Although -- what does it look like? "Please please please please pleASE MAKE ME A WRITER!" If the job were to scream that at the top of my lungs every day, I might not be that great.)

2. It is very difficult to actually be a writer. Let's forget about all the publication and post-publication woes for the moment. I'm talking about sitting down in a chair and writing. Word by word. A story that I'm convinced sucks, and may never rise above the suckage. (It's that time of book-life, friends. Seems like it will never end.)

3. I am trying to bridge the gap between the two.

4. And that is where I am on Friday, instead of writing my blog post. I'm writing my book.