To listen or not to listen

So, audio. That's what I've been thinking about the last few days, ever since I listened to the episode of Books on the Nightstand where they talked up audio. (Side note: everyone should be listening to Books on the Nightstand, period. It's awesome.)

I've never listened to an audiobook. Mostly this has to do with the speed. I read pretty darn quickly, and so listening to an audiobook always makes me feel as though I'm being held back. My first college roommate loves audiobooks (she used to listen to them to fall asleep), but I never quite got that. However, Ann brought up some interesting points on the podcast that made me stop and think about it. Specifically, Ann wants to use audiobooks to help her stay motivated at the gym.

I thought that made perfect sense -- that audiobooks could potentially take the place of music in terms of what to listen to while walking, jogging, running, etc. (I suppose that they would be good to listen to in the car, although I don't have one, so it doesn't really concern me.) So I thought to myself, why not give this audiobook thing a try? You never know until you try, right? (This is in keeping with my philosophy about books -- that I pretty much give everything a fair shot.)

Anyway, I started looking around at audiobooks, and, because I have never looked up audiobooks before, I was struck by a severe case of sticker shock. $30+??!? And that's normal?!?? Well. Maybe I won't be getting into audiobooks as quickly as I wanted (although I probably will be looking into what my local library has to offer), but the desire remains to give them a try. So, my friends -- what's your take on audiobooks? Awesome? Not quite as awesome? Any favorites that I should start with? (I presume that, like translations, the narrator makes a huge difference in the quality of the finished product.) Any suggestions on where to come by these audiobooks?

Also, I read Red Glove, by Holly Black, over the weekend. It's awesome. (Review to come closer to publication date.) My only regret here is that I will have to wait until 2012 to read the next one. Urgh.