Well, it's Monday

This week in reading... or last week summed up.

I brought a suitcase full of books (literally -- there were 18) home with me over the holidays. I thought I would polish them off for the new year, then sit back and attend to other things. Alas, this was not to be. The books refused to cooperate -- instead of yelling "Pick me! Pick me!" from their pile on my sister's already-messy table, they exuded a supreme air of boredom. Lackadaisical-ness. They didn't want to be touched, they were perfectly happy by themselves.

Which all goes to say that I lugged 18 books home with me, only to bring them back up to my apartment this afternoon and send them packing to the library. It's a mystery, sometimes, why you're in the mood for one book over another (or perhaps no books at all). In this case, I had seven or eight books looking at me, and I wasn't interested in any of them. Why? Well, they were all perfectly fine books, and most are on my eons-long Goodreads to-read list. But for whatever reason, I wasn't interested. So back to the library they went, and I spent my time picking up some books that I really was excited to read (among them Fall of Giants, by Ken Follett, and Storyteller: the Authorized Biography of Roald Dahl, by Donald Sturrock). And now I am perfectly interested in reading again.

In other reading news, I'm on target to complete the year with 300+ books read, seeing as how I read a book yesterday, and a book today. Two down, so many more to go... I've also started Cleopatra: A Life, by Stacy Schiff. The first ten pages are pretty awesome.

All this goes to say... Well, that reading is subjective. There are bad books, certainly. But even among the good books, you just might not be the right type of person for them. Not the best fit, not the best genre. Or even -- you might not be in the right mood for them. It might not be the right time. Or even the right year. In other words, some books are amazing, but you will never like them. And some books are worth giving a second chance. (And some aren't worth it at all, when you get right down to it -- but there are a lot of them that are.)

Happy Monday, everyone. I hope you're reading excellent books.