Hello, world...

So it's been radio silence the last few weeks. I can make the usual excuses -- work, life, stuff, gunk, aliens -- but the pertinent details of what I've been up to boil down to this: I've been thinking about what I want out of life. And what I want out of life is to be a writer. This is one of those things I've dreamed of doing for forever, it seems. And I think I've been spending too much of my time not being a writer. This is not to say that taking time off is worthwhile, or having different pursuits, or any of those things, isn't great. They're all great. But at the end of the day, there's one thing that goes through my head as I lie down to sleep: This will not happen if you don't make it happen.

This will not happen if I don't make it happen. It's easy for me to kick back and watch a few episodes of a favorite television show after coming home from work. It's comforting, fun, and doesn't require much effort. But it's my dream to be a writer, and it always has been. And change is not going to happen unless I make it happen. To that end, I will be implementing a few changes here and across the internet, concerning how I present myself to the world.

1. I will no longer be accepting books for review, or reviewing on a regular basis. I will certainly talk about books, and I will definitely do my fair share of gushing over books I adore (just hand-sold a copy of Stephanie Perkins' Anna and the French Kiss the other day at a bookstore -- by (happy) accident!). But there's a line I've been straddling for a while on the blogosphere, between "prospective author" and "reviewer/blogger". I think it's time I landed firmly on the side on which I want to be.

2. I will resume my previous posting schedule -- something readerly on Mondays, something writerly on Wednesdays, and something random on Fridays.

3. This last one isn't really internety, but concerns me as an author, so here goes: I'm starting revisions tomorrow. Yipes! (Even though I haven't managed a complete outline. Even though there are still some major characters who don't exist. Even though, even though, even though there will always be more even thoughs. Or perhaps in spite of that fact.)

Sigh. I miss my internet friends. I haven't poked my head out from the burrow in weeks, either to read or write. It's good to be back with you all.

PS: The blog's getting a revamp too. Although that might take a while.