Endings? :(

According to my master plan of doom, I was supposed to start revisions yesterday.

Did this happen? Not exactly. But I have spent at least six or seven hours over the last few days just trying to come up with one thing: HOW does my book end?

It's a really frustrating thing. Originally I had planned it to be a book with a sequel... And I still do. But I find myself supremely annoyed (like, throw the book across the room annoyed) when I get to the end of a book and it just doesn't hold together, because everything's waiting for the second book. Yes, I like series. But I hate books that can't even pretend to stand alone.

So I tried to come up with a way to end my book in a satisfying, wrap-it-up type of way. And it's proving to be IMPOSSIBLE. I don't understand why! (Well... Part of it might be because there's a planned coup of the kingdom right at the end, but still! I have plot! I have sub plot! You would think they would lead to some sort of conclusion, right?)

Anyway, that's where I'm stuck. I feel like if I don't have a decent idea of the ending, I won't be able to write effectively. And I don't have a good idea of the ending.

Rar. It's frustrating. And maybe at this point I should just start writing and hope that something occurs to me as I'm going along.