Yes, today I am feeling giddy/bubbly. Why? Well, it's because last night, I had a very productive talk with my roommate, which resulted in the discovery of the ending. Turns out the place I thought was the end of my book was actually about 4/5 of the way through. Oops.

But I'm not feeling at ALL silly about that because finally finally finally I have a clear picture of this book, this story, this heroine, in my mind. I know the stakes, the love interests, the intrigue. I know it all, if not exactly how it's going to fit together just yet, and I have all weekend to play with the outline (yes, play!) before I kick into real revisions on Monday.

Revision. Wow. Secret: I have never revised a novel before. I have never even attempted to revise a novel before, as long as you don't count that time in middle school... Yeah.

Anyway, I'm on a writer's high, and everything about writing is making me excited. Even the prospect of typing away on my horribly crippled computer that should probably be put out of its misery.