WIP Update

I'm starting a mad dash to get this draft of my work in progress done by the end of May. For those who haven't been privy to the whole story, this work in progress started as an idea, which turned into my NaNo novel last November, which has been languishing ever since. Since my NaNo draft was really a splat draft, this will be my actual first draft, with (hopefully) most of the scenes present, if not perfect, and most characters and plot points in place.

In all probability I won't make it -- I'm only just over 8,000 words in, and anticipating at least 70,000 more to go before I reach the end. But it's a goal, and that's the important thing, right?

I reached two big milestones today, anyway. First, my main character has a name. (Yes, she went 8,000 words nameless, and her name still has not appeared in the text. But it will.) Also, I've discovered the first song on my WIP playlist: "Poison & Wine," by The Civil Wars. It's kind of ridiculously fitting, both in tone and message.

So that's how that's going. In the meantime I really haven't been reading much at all, yet somehow there are still 17 library books on my shelf...