MacBook. No, really.

So it's official. I type this post from my brand spanking new computer, which has now taken over the coveted position of "on the desk." (In its transitional phase it was perched semi-precariously on top of a plastic set of drawers from Target while I toggled back and forth between the old PC, the external hard drive (doing all of the heavy lifting), and the new MacBook Pro).

I've downloaded all the programs I need. I reset all of my bookmarks and saved passwords on Firefox. I even (after about 2 hours of wrangling) figured out my iTunes problems and finally managed to get all my music from the old computer to the new (thankfully!). I even had some fun looking through all the Word documents I've lugged around throughout the years. I had story snippets in my files that hadn't been modified since 2001! (Yeah... those were the awkward middle school years, and you can totally tell.)

Most of those ones are now gone (I finally made an executive decision to trash everything dated earlier than 2005), but there are actually some things that are surprisingly not-horrible. Which is not saying they're examples of stellar (or even good) writing. Not at all. But some of those did make it through into this computer.

Anyway, now that all the moving in is done, it's time to start living here. And it begins with... revisions? Eep!

(And I think Time Machine is done backing up now... I had no idea when I started it for the first time that there would be over 1,000,000 items! Egads.)