Some thoughts

...These are kind of uncollected, and all relating to NaNoWriMo.

So, it's started. So far it's been going well (after two days, possibly the best I've ever done NaNo). This is my fifth year participating. I've "won" every year, but for the most part, produced nothing I'm interested in hanging on to. Over the past few years I became a master at mass-producing crappy words. This year, I'm going for leisure (and quality). Hitting 1,667 (good words) a day is a lot easier when I'm used to churning out 5,000+.

It's also very bizarre working on my NaNo WIP. The WIP I've been revising has been the only thing I've worked on for the past year, literally. It's weird to be writing something new, and weird to be writing the sequel. All the characters who show up in the second book are so different from the way they are in the old one, and working on the two side by side is messing with my mind. (Not only am I aiming for 1,667 on the new WIP, I'm also trying to revise one scene on the old WIP per day.)

...Now that I'm working on two big things at once, I'm thinking I should give them different code names. They can't both be simply "WIP." They can't even both be simply "NaNo WIP." Well. Secret Novel and Agent Orange? Thing 1 and Thing 2? Blue Spots and SnoogyBoo?

Anyway, those are my scattered thoughts. I'd try to mess this into a better blog post, but I need to get back to NaNo. Hope it's going well for you all!