I always believe that I don't have that many internet homes, but when I list them all out my eyes tend to go slightly buggy. My "for-public-consumption" homes include two blogs (this one, as well as one currently in hibernation), one twitter feed (this one), and one pinterest account (this one). That's probably not so many, come to think of it...

While I've engaged in brief flirtations with other services in the past there hasn't been one that's caught my eye...except tumblr. People do things on tumblr. Shiny things. Things that make me think that maybe I should do shiny things on tumblr as well. Except...really, does the world need "just another tumblr blog"? Given that I have enough trouble keeping this one up-to-date and (hopefully) at least a smidge above "watching paint dry" on the boring scale, I probably should not start a tumblr without a clear vision. Which means starting a tumblr is not in my immediate plans.

But still...shiny. So, anyone who has a tumblr, I'm soliciting opinions here. What do you think of yours? The service? What is it good at? Any tips would be appreciated.