Break time

Before we begin, a side note: Is there anything better than a fresh Kit Kat? Anything? (Although they do get depressingly stale very quickly...)

So when we last left our heroine, she was taking a break from writing after an exceptionally exhausting weekend at the Big Sur Writing Workshop. Wow. Let me tell you, I had a lot to digest. I had a lot of really good feedback, as well as some stuff that kind of spun me around and spit me out, all chewed-on. There were high moments, and there were low moments. There was a moment where I was convinced I had to completely restructure the book. And a moment where I was convinced I had to trash it. And then there were the moments driving home, where I was bursting with IDEAS! and CHARACTERS! and PLOT!

And then I got home and promptly crashed. (Insert second WOW here.) I am so insanely happy about having taken this break. After the (naturally) unsettling experience of having my work before professionals for the first time, I needed the week off to read some books, watch some TV, and (in the background) let my book settle down, out of the crazy-spinny "MUST MAKE ALL THE CHANGES" place, and back into the subtler, quieter, "This is my story and I know its heart" arena.

As of today I'm back on my feet. Last Sunday I set myself a firm week-long break, and when I woke up yesterday unable to keep myself from jotting down part of a scene, I knew it was time to return. So, it's revision time (yet again). I'll be taking it slower after the insanity that was February. I'm taking a lot of the advice I received at Big Sur, and leaving some on the table--and that's okay. I'll remember at all times the book that I want to write, and strive toward it wholeheartedly.

And maybe (just maybe) at the end of this I'll be ready to query. (And that prospect scares me like no other. But that's another story...)