Tired, exhausted, drained (Big Sur)

Have gotten back from the workshop.

Am so tired, cannot write in complete sentences.

That's a bit of an exaggeration. Suffice to say they worked us hard. I was up early and thinking writing all day long. I'm usually a night writer (my best hours tend to be 8-11pm), but this weekend I was comatose by 10:00 both nights. I think I learned a lot, but I'm so tired right now my brain can't begin to process it all.

I met some interesting people. Learned that agents are also people (not robots). Put faces to some names I've been circling around for a while. Got good feedback on the pieces I worked on.

...and I made it back in one piece. That's the most important part, right?

I may have suffered a small burnout. Since I took the leap and signed up for the workshop (almost exactly a month ago), my life has boiled down to two things: work, and writing. Everything else (reading, friends, running) took a very distant backseat.

So as much as I'm itching to dive into my revisions (I think my WIP might be ready to query after this round!), I think I need to take a step back for a little bit. Sleep. That would be good. Read something other than my own words. Go outdoors at least once a day. Maybe blog more often than every full moon. Shake up the internet and ask if anyone is still out there.

But for now I'll settle for a comfortable bed. Oh, to not have to work in the morning...