Friday Five

1. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries! Yes, I posted about this when the project got started, but now I'm talking about it because the project is just zipping along and I am impressed and super excited about the future! Because yesterday, we heard that Bing is throwing a party. And we all know how that turned out in the book... Can't wait for the next episode. There had better be some excellent Darcy-snark.

2. Facebook. Is. Annoying. (I know, not news at all.) I don't know if this is new or whether I just haven't been paying attention, but now when I log on I'm greeted by a message that tells me, "You last posted 9 days ago." And it won't go away. It just keeps staring me in the face. This makes the contrarian in me very annoyed, so I've started a boycott. How long can I go without updating my status on Facebook? (Better to ask: How long can I go without logging in to Facebook at all, because that would be making more of a statement.)

3. A Game of Thrones. I'm re-reading it (with this vague notion that eventually I will watch the HBO series). The last time around I read all but the newest book before I called it quits - I don't think it's much a spoiler to say that pretty much everyone dies, and I couldn't take it any more. Right now everything is mostly okay still (which tells you how far I am in the book, which is not far at all), but I can feel the trap slowly closing around *grmphghrlmd* (not spoiling even though I know you all know who it is). I'm not sure if I will be able to take everyone dying again, but Martin can write, and right now it is immensely pleasant to curl up in bed with this book for half an hour every night.

4. Suits. Season two just started! I was lucky enough to be late to the Suits party, so I only finished season one about a month ago and didn't have very long to wait before the premiere of season two. Let's just say that Suits and its USA companion White Collar are two of my favorite TV shows right now (and with the disturbing amount of television I watch, that's saying something). Watch them! I'm crossing my fingers for a Suits/White Collar crossover episode, but until Neal Caffrey gets back from wherever he is I suppose that's not going to happen.

5. And it's Friday. Le sigh. I am so happy it's Friday. I'm pretty stressed these days (wrapping up things at work, trying to find an apartment when I can't actually view apartments, orchestrating a cross-country move, registering for classes, getting used to the idea of being a student again, trying to WRITE at the same time...), so anything that takes even a little bit of that off my shoulders is bliss. Weekend, here I come.