Music Monday: Eric Whitacre

Sometimes I can't say anything about Eric Whitacre except that he is a genius and his music is transcendent.

Eric Whitacre was recommended to me by an acquaintance last fall, and I immediately hopped on iTunes and downloaded his first album, Light & Gold, then waited impatiently for his second, Water Night. For those not in the know, Eric Whitacre writes complex, innovative classical arrangements (both choral and instrumental). His songs make the hair stand up on my arms EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. More personally, they've served as a huge inspiration with my current work-in-progress, as music (specifically choral song) plays a dominant role in the plot.

Besides the fact that his music is amazing, Eric Whitacre is also awesome because of his Virtual Choir project. You can read up on the history on his website, but essentially, Whitacre makes sheet music and recordings of select songs available to the public. The public (as in, you and I) then gets to film themselves singing their preferred part, and their videos are then bundled together into one. People all over the world singing. Music bringing them together. As below:

 That's the Virtual Choir recording of "Water Night," off of Whitacre's most recent album.

If you need further proof that Eric Whitacre is wonderful, please sample the following songs that I recommend the mostest:

"The Seal Lullaby," from Light & Gold.

"Alleluia," from Water Night.

And last but not least, a choral arrangement of "Goodnight Moon." Yes, you read that right. I didn't think I'd like it originally, but it grows on me each time I listen.

So. There you go. Eric Whitacre never ceases to amaze me, and if you like classical choral music (as well as instrumental), I highly highly highly recommend his music. It's stunning and beautiful and makes my chest hurt and takes my breath away, and I can only hope that it touches some of you in the same way.