Music Monday: The Piano Guys

This week my music recommendation is The Piano Guys, who also do amazing covers of stuff. Lots of stuff. What do I like about them? The musical expertise, the incredible music videos (all on youtube), and how much FUN they have doing it. (And how much fun I have watching them.) You don't have to like classical music to like The Piano Guys - they do a lot of covers of popular songs. Here are my two favorite pieces:

1. "Cello Wars" - My very first Piano Guys video. It's awesome for Star Wars (and cello) fans. An excellent introduction to the Piano Guys world.

2. "Bourne Vivaldi" - My favorite Piano Guys piece. I have a little obsession with the Bourne Identity theme (I've always wanted to figure out how to do an a cappella arrangement of it), so this just hits that spot.)

...And that's it for this Music Monday. What music are you all listening to these days?