Not Your Mother's Book Club: Fierce Reads

Ah! I was worrying about what I was going to write about for Friday, but never fear! Not Your Mother's Book Club came to the rescue!

NYMBC is the young adult book club of Books Inc., one of my favorite Bay Area independent bookstores. They put on regular author events (including an upcoming appearance by Chris Colfer!), and last night I had the pleasure of attending the Fierce Reads! tour stop, with authors Emmy Laybourne (Monument 14), Anna Banks (Of Poseidon), Leigh Bardugo (Shadow and Bone), and Jennifer Bosworth (Struck).

I go to every NYMBC event I can, but I was especially looking forward to seeing Leigh Bardugo because of her appearance on Authors are ROCKSTARS! as well as the great mention she got on Books on the Nightstand (which is pretty much king of all book podcasts everywhere).

She did not disappoint, and neither did any of the other authors in attendance. The Fierce Reads event ended up being one of the best author events I've attended, and why? Just because it WAS, OKAY? No, I have better reasons than that. Because all the authors were really committed to being present, entertaining, and informative. Because they had great chemistry, both with each other on the panel and with the audience. Because every question from the audience was answered thoughtfully and in-depth. Because the moderator had to stop the audience from asking questions because we were going overtime. Because I laughed multiple times.

Long story short, it was a great event. Every author was entertaining, and extremely friendly. I intended to buy one book: Leigh's. But because Emmy, Anna, and Jennifer were also so darn lovely, I bought ALL of their books. (Please excuse me while I look at my new diet of rice, rice, and more rice.) Thanks to Connie at NYMBC for putting on an excellent evening while her other half was at BEA. Thanks to the authors for bringing it. And thanks to Macmillan for sending these charming people on tour!

Now I have to go curl up with all these new books. Come get me when the next NYMBC event comes to town.