A Modest Reading Update

According to my schedule I'm supposed to talk about something having to do with reading today. I do have an interesting post about introductions that I'm working on, but it's the sort of thing that requires more thought than I can give it in twenty minutes, and that's pretty much my limit for today. That will have to wait for next week. Yes. Got very busy yesterday. That sort of thing happens.

Suffice to say that I'm reading. Right now I'm in the middle of a Tamora Pierce re-read. I'm planning a huge Tamora Pierce appreciation post once I wrap that up, but I still have a number of books to go (half the Kel series, and the entirety of Beka Cooper). The thing I'm most struck by about Tamora Pierce's books now that I'm re-reading them in loose order of publication is how directly you can track the author's growth as a writer across her books. While the Alanna books are still near and dear to my heart (and there are so many wonderful things about them), excellent writing technique is not one of their strong points. As I progressed through Alanna's series, through Daine's and into Kel's, I saw how much Pierce's plotting improved and how complex the story lines became. It's amazing.

Anyway, those are my two cents for today. For some reason it's really heartening for me to see how authors can grow and improve even after they reach that pinnacle of first publication. Expect a better post tomorrow - a WIP update! (Finally.)