Vincent van Dominogh

Today I am watching this on repeat, and I encourage you to do the same:

You are all such knowledgeable internet people that you probably know all about FlippyCat already, but I just saw this one making the rounds on tumblr on Monday and knew it had to be shared. FlippyCat has a number of admirable domino videos up on youtube if that's your thing.

I've watched five or six myself and "Starry Night" remains my favorite by far. This might have something to do with my fondness for van Gogh. Or it might be more directly related to the incredible sadness and awe that was the Doctor Who episode "Vincent and the Doctor." (Side note: must look into the possibility of a blog series all about Doctor Who and how it rips open your heart EVERY SINGLE TIME.) In any case, this is artistry, and I am impressed.