Back to School!

For those who don't know, I've been working full-time for two years. I was lucky enough to get an excellent entry-level job in the publishing field right out of college, and I learned so much about publishing (especially subsidiary rights) while I was there.

Last Tuesday, I quit to go to graduate school.

It's a scary thing, quitting a good job in this economy. My generation (and everyone's, really) has it tough right now. Pretty much the only thing keeping me going is remembering that while I want to be in publishing the rest of my life, my dream job is to be on the other side. The scribbler-of-books side. The pretending-to-be-Jo-March side. And I just wasn't quite getting there at my previous position.

I'll be starting an M.F.A. program in Writing for Children in two weeks, and while I'm thrilled to have this opportunity, I don't know if I remember how to be a student. Things that I'm sure used to come naturally now seem foreign. Notes? What is this 'notes' you speak of? Assigned reading? Haven't they figured out academic osmosis yet?

Sigh... I have two weeks to get my butt in gear, and two years to spend with dozens of people who might love books almost as much as I do. I can't wait. If you're looking for me in the next two years, I'm in the library. Or the bookstore. Or just the couch...with my nose in a book. Shh! Don't disturb unless it's truly dire.