A little moment of squee

Tonight I went to the Boston Globe-Horn Book Award Ceremony. It was the most entertaining awards ceremony I've ever been to (although who am I kidding -- I've never been to a real awards ceremony before). All the acceptance speeches were on the scale from amusing to downright hilarious, and there were tuxedo-styled chocolate-covered strawberries afterward. What more could a girl ask for?

The squeeage comes from the fact that I met Elizabeth Wein tonight (of Code Name Verity fame), and I couldn't think of anything to say other than "I read your book. It was amazing." (I was exceptionally forgettable, I'm sure. But I did get a signed book out of the deal.) Most of the time I spent staring at her, wondering how on earth could such an amazing book have come from such a normal-looking person. I'm serious. How could that possibly have come from her head, which appears to be such a normal head?!?

I suppose I can take heart in the fact that if a normal-looking person can write an extraordinary book, then perhaps there's hope for me. Someday.