On that note...

...That draft I said I'd have finished by the end of October?


Stuff got in the way. Graduate school stuff. Commuting stuff. Job-hunting stuff. Funny how there's so much STUFF lying around, just waiting to eat up your day.

Not to mention the fact that this idea, while totally intriguing, is lounging half-baked in my head. I don't know the rules of the world! Who matters, who doesn't! Whether wishes really can come true! Suddenly it seems I've turned into the sort of writer who needs to KNOW things about the book before she can write it. The idea of throwing out words onto the page with not the vaguest idea of what comes next terrifies me.

Is this what it's come to? Outlining?

It appears so, friends. Don't despair--I'm still aiming to finish this draft by the end of October. It just might involve a little more staring blankly at a wall than I previously anticipated. I'll keep you updated on the goings-on.

Current Status:
Writing: ...staring blankly at the wall (word count: 0)
Reading: Magic or Madness (Justine Larbalestier)
Watching: Revolution
Listening: "Won't Go Home Without You" (Maroon 5)