Bookselling Adventures (1): Amanda F. Palmer

I was nervous about going back to school and leaving my publishing job. Publishing, as many of you know, is a business where connections matter a lot. What if I was never able to get another job in publishing ever again?

As it happens, my fears were unfounded. I was hired a few weeks ago but after three days of training, I can officially announce that I now work as a bookseller at an independent bookstore. I'm thrilled. I'm thrilled to be around amazing book people, thrilled to be keeping a foot in the publishing door, thrilled to have access to more books than I could ever hope to read, and, today, thrilled to have met Amanda Fucking Palmer in the flesh.

It's true! I was going about my business, doing inventory in the classics section, when I turned around and there she was! This, of course, played out much like my recent encounter with Elizabeth Wein. I stammered out something like "I'm a fan!" and completely forgot to introduce myself (in my shiny new capacity of "bookseller" and not "totally-weird-and-possibly-creepy staring person") and couldn't think of anything at all to say. Eventually I was able to stutter out that I enjoyed her husband's books too.

Amanda herself was lovely, as I'm sure she always is. I got an autograph (now proudly adorning my refrigerator) and the assurance that I am as awkward as ever when it comes to meeting celebrities.

It's times like these that I really feel I should put together some sort of spiel for meeting famous people and rehearse it until I can shake hands and spout adulating comments without batting an eyelash. You know, since it's been sufficiently demonstrated that I am incapable of handling these things on the fly.

More bookselling adventures to come.