Various and Sundry

1. I am tempted to create a recommendation list titled "Vampire Books for People Who are SO OVER Vampires," since I've been in this category for at least ten years and yet have managed to read two very good (and innovative) vampire books in the last few months... But I'm afraid that these two books will remain the only ones on the list.

2. The first shift back at the bookstore after the holiday rush: "It's quiet. Too...quiet..."

3. I am so very excited about so very many books that I have right now... The only problem is that I might not (probably don't) have enough time to read them all before the beginning of the next semester. Eep!

4. I am writing. Slowly. And am also reminded that every time I sit down to write, everything that comes out appears to be horrible. It's only on the re-read that I realize (as always) that things are not quite as horrible as they appear.

5. There is snow on the ground.

6. I sang on stage with Vienna Teng, and it was amazing.