NaCreSoMo #14: Tapped Out

Ugh. I feel like I've been trying to write this whole week, and things keep getting in the way. So there's not much in the way of writing to share in the way of my creation right now.

Instead, I'm going to direct you to posts written by few writers I follow, people who speak intelligently about both craft and the real world (and, sometimes, the intersection of the two). These are the sorts of writers I pay attention to.

- Kate Elliott (Cold Magic): "The Omniscient Breasts"

- N. K. Jemisin (The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms): "Fantastic Profanity"

- Foz Meadows (Solace and Grief): "PSA: Your Default Narrative Settings Are Not Apolitical"

Of course there's far, far more stuff out there, written by many, many authors. These are just a few essays recently that have inspired me, informed me, and challenged me to write (and read) better.

How about you? Who are the authors/artists/creative-types who expand your worldview, or challenge you to make your art in the best possible way?