NaCreSoMo #15: Feeling Good About Procrastination

What a difference a good night's sleep makes. Different frame of mind, different brain activity, different...levels of procrastination?

Yes, I said it. I am a master at procrastination. My skills at procrastination are only equaled by my skills at pretending that I didn't procrastinate in the first place. Why no, I definitely wasn't up until 4:00am this morning doing this project that I had three weeks to work on...

Right now I'm procrastinating on completing the picture book project I mentioned a few weeks ago. I've drafted ten papers. Now I need to write fifteen more...and polish everything up...

The funny thing is that the more things I get done, the worse a procrastinator I become. Tonight my goal was to draft five papers (yeah, totally not happening). What actually happened was that I had a solid idea for one paper, and once I figured out what I was going to write about, my academic brain went on vacation. Because having the idea in the first place is totally credit-worthy, right? Right?

Anyway, ever since I had that idea, I've been fooling around with other stuff that I have to do, but are not quite as high on the priority list. (What a sad, sad world it is that my methods of procrastination have turned into actually DOING WORK, just not the work I'm supposed to be doing...) But that's not the point. The point is that I'm actually excited about how I'm procrastinating right now (that I shouldn't be working on right now...):

1. NEEDS A BETTER CODE NAME: I feel like I have no time to work on this whatsoever. This does not bode well for my goal of having a complete draft done by the end of March, but whatever. What's life for if not impossible goals? I spend so much time emphatically not writing that when the SPARK arrives, it's amazing and wonderful and life suddenly becomes full of possibilities and sunshine and puppies. Such is the current life of NEEDS A BETTER CODE NAME. My writing would be going so well--if I had the time to actually, well, write. In any case, I squeezed in enough seconds today to finish revising two chapters. (Yay? Yay!)

2. Completely brand-new (to NaCreSoMo) project: Something else that needs a better code name, or even a code name to begin with. Let's call this one... HYPOTHETICAL MERPIRE. Those of you who know me in actual life may know that I spent two long years slogging through HYPOTHETICAL MERPIRE. I finally completed/shelved (depending on your perspective) this novel last August, happy to let it lie, gathering dust. But recently I've been thinking about it more and more. The characters. The world. The polar bears. And there's something in my head that's been nagging at me, telling me that it's time to return.

If I were going to go back to HYPOTHETICAL MERPIRE, this would be no mere revision. This would be going in and completely gutting the story. I wouldn't even look at the old draft--I'd open up a completely new document and spill out...a very different story. It's been on my mind so much recently that I've come up with new plot twists, new characters, completely new character motivation... The (hypothetical new) HYPOTHETICAL MERPIRE would bear only a passing resemblance to the current project, and I am really, really excited about the prospect of digging into it again.

But that's all for another day. Right now, it's probably time I stopped procrastinating. How about you? What are you procrastinating on (and with)?

Line of the day: "Not much about me gave any hint that I'd ever been anything but a vagrant. But this was something real, even if its touch was as faint as a ghost."