NaCreSoMo #16: ARGH

Just finished redrafting a chapter of NEEDS A BETTER CODE NAME (maybe I should just shorten it to CODE NAME?) for my class workshop.

This is one of those days when revising (and writing in general) feels like pulling teeth. I'm in one of those spots in the draft where everything is lagging and I am so uninterested in what's going on and I just want to get to the exciting bits already! (Too bad I need another two chapters to get to the super duper exciting bits...)

Most posts you read will say that this is a bad sign. That it means you as the writer need to work harder on making the pertinent section more interesting--because if you're bored, the reader will be bored. There's something to that, probably... But I'm not going to go back and fix it right now. I'll let my excellent workshop class tell me all the ways in which it could be more exciting. (Good critique groups are awesome, by the way. That's the moral of this story.)

Line of the day: "I trust that thief cities farther than I trust you," I said. "He stays."