NaCreSoMo #7: Mentorship Proposal

Today the limit of my creative ability has been reached by pounding my head against the keyboard several times in pursuit of a readable draft of my mentorship statement. You may remember that a few days ago I was embroiled in reminding myself about all the magic academy books out there.

Well, now I've finally finished the draft. It's done! Sent! All that remains is to review my professor's comments and revise for the actual proposal deadline...and, you know...write the book. Ahahahaha.

I was struggling a lot with this concept because while I had (what I think is) a pretty good premise, I had no idea what the real story was. I think this has to do with the fact that I spend so much time deep in fairy-tale-land. My last finished project was a retelling of a fairy tale, and NEEDS A BETTER CODE NAME was first sparked by a Greek myth, although in its current incarnation I'm pretty sure that the inspiration is invisible. But ARCH-NEMESIS is not based on a fairy tale in any explicit way, which means I have no preexisting skeleton to build it on! I was dazed! Lost! Confused!

Strangely enough, figuring out the (working) title of ARCH-NEMESIS actually helped me break through that and come to an understanding of what the story is (in its current, completely unwritten form). That doesn't usually happen for me. Usually titles are the last things I decide on, and are informed by the rest of the story. But today it was the reverse. Deciding on a title (inspired directly by Robert Hass's Time and Materials) actually informed the story. It was kind of awesome. For the first time, I'm actually really excited to get to work on this six months...

(Current) first line: "Karin would say she doesn't remember whose idea it was to dupe the College of Aravil, but that's just her way of being polite."