What I Would Like to Talk About When I Talk About Running

This is not a complete post, even though I should get to one one of these days.

This is just to say that I've squeaked in a book just under the wire for 2013 that has instantly taken a place on my favorites list for the year.

The book is What I Talk About When I Talk About Running, a memoir by the Japanese writer Haruki Murakami. It's a meditation, of sorts, on running. And on writing. And on the intersection of the two, and on aging. And on setting goals. And on perseverence.

But mostly it's about running and writing.

I read the first third and immediately texted my father to tell him to pick it up. I got through the first half and found myself actively laughing in places.

"I never had any ambitions to be a novelist. I just had this strong desire to write a novel. No concrete image of what I wanted to write about, just the conviction that if I wrote it now I could come up with something that I'd find convincing. When I thought about sitting down at my desk at home and setting out to write I realized I didn't even own a decent fountain pen. So I went to the Kinokuniya store in Shinjuku and bought a sheaf of manuscript paper and a five-dollar Sailor fountain pen. A small capital investment on my part" (28).

A small capital investment on my part. If that makes you giggle, pick up this book.

Highly, HIGHLY recommended. If you are searching for a last minute Christmas gift for the writers (or runners) in your family, get this.