August in (Reading) Review

Well, August was extremely busy. And September is ALREADY so extremely busy that I have no time to do an intro except to say that I didn't read enough, but I read some good stuff. As follows here:

Exit, Pursued by a Bear, by E. K. Johnston. I still haven't read Johnston's prize-winning The Story of Owen, but I was sold enough on the Winter's Tale pitch that I jumped on this title when I had the chance. And I am so glad I did. This one is dark - Hermione Winter is sexually assaulted at cheer camp and must make several difficult choices in the aftermath - but still somehow manages to be firmly uplifting. It feels...real. And will be out next March, so keep your calendars marked for this one.

Suffer Love, by Ashley Herring Blake. My agent-sister, so I HAD to read it. Of course, that didn't mean I had to like I'm so glad I did. Two families torn apart by adultery. What happens when two teenagers from these families meet - and only one of them recognizes the other for their shared suffering. Simultaneously mournful and hopeful. (Much like Exit, actually... Hmm.) This title is also out next year.

Under the Lights, by Dahlia Adler. Finally, a book that's available now! I enjoyed Adler's companion novel Behind the Scenes, but I SUPER enjoyed this one. Vanessa Park has always wanted to be an actor and is finally living her dream (despite the disapproval of her Korean parents). But one unexpected crush - on a girl! - threatens to topple her career. So adorable.

Hold Me Like a Breath, by Tiffany Schmidt. To begin with, this is a KILLER title. (Matched with a KILLER premise - a retelling of "The Princess and the Pea" plus mafia-esque organ traffickers? Yes, PLEASE.) One thing (among many) I loved about this book was its unpredictability. By the time I was 1/4 of the way through, I was scratching my head and wondering what was going to happen next. This doesn't happen often to me, and I'm so glad it did for this book. Can't wait for the sequel.

Books read: 9 (if you don't count the 15+ that I read for Pitch Wars...?)