It has been so long that...


- I forgot how to make a new blog post in Squarespace.

- There was an unfortunate election.

- I read a lot of books.

- I wrote most of a new book.

- I went to Hong Kong and China for the first time. It was awe-inspiring and also just plain inspiring. I could not write the book I'm writing without that trip.

- I went to my first Madcap Writing Retreat and it was incredible. So so so recommended.

- Also my first Sirens Conference. Also exceptional - maybe the first time I've been around So. Many. Women.

- I dyed my hair for the first time. (You may be sensing a theme - there was a lot of "fuck it, I'm doing this" going on this year.)

Anyway, that's life. You turn around and stuff has happened. Lots of bad stuff. Some good stuff too. I met a lot of exceptional people. And I've had a lot of thoughts and thought better (or differently) than sharing them. The internet has become a really loud place for me - for the better, and for the worse. But this is my space, and that's one of the things I'm trying to get better at for the new year (I love new year's resolutions - and shamelessly breaking them): to occupy my own space.