10 Days

Today is July 20, and my first book Shatter the Sky will be published in ten days.

I’ve been doing well at not thinking about it too much (as little as possible considering that my job right now is to be thinking about it practically all the time). I’m on the internet a lot! And I’ll be doing several author appearances in the New England area (and one in California!). (Here’s a link to all of the events—will I see you out there?)

Two finished copies of SHATTER THE SKY, displayed over a blue and white fabric.

Two finished copies of SHATTER THE SKY, displayed over a blue and white fabric.

I’m thinking about community. I don’t think of myself as a person who knows a lot of people, but as I was preparing event invitations, I went through my contact list and realized that wow—I know a lot of people. Specifically, a lot of people I would be really happy to see, who probably would be happy to see me too. I even heard recently from a few people I went to middle school with who are excited about coming to my book event in California. Isn’t that wild?

Being an author is weird. You spend a lot of time being alone, or in spaces where having written a book is common. So sometimes you forget that there are a lot of people who care, who are happy for you, who are excited that a friend of theirs has done this super cool thing called publishing a book.

And publishing a book is super cool. Trying to keep that in mind as I move forward through these next few days, weeks, months.

Shatter the Sky will be out in ten days, and is still available to preorder. If you preorder from my local indie Porter Square Books, I will sign and personalize any copies—and if you want the bisexual tag line, just leave a comment indicating such! Signed/personalized copies are also available at any bookstore I’ll be appearing at—check the events page for details and contact bookstores directly to order.

Looking forward to seeing you on the other side of July 30!