Shatter the Sky is Here!


It’s been nine years since I started writing seriously (with the goal of publishing a book), and three years since I started work on Shatter the Sky… And today it’s finally here!

Shatter the Sky, my very dear angry bisexual dragon YA fantasy novel, is out now! You can find it wherever books are sold. If you would like to order a signed copy, you can do so through my local indie bookstore, Porter Square Books. The audiobook is also out today, and if you’re listening to it now, you’re hearing it even before I did. (I hear it’s great!)

I’ve been asked about ways to support Shatter the Sky. There are lots of them, and lots that don’t involve money at all! Here are just a few:

  1. Buy the book, for yourself or for a friend! You can buy Shatter the Sky as a physical book, e-book, or audiobook!

  2. Request that your local library purchase a copy! Did you know that just about every public library takes requests? Requesting library purchases is easy and helps librarians know what books their patrons are interested in.

  3. Review the book online! Online reviews help a book’s visibility—when a book has more reviews, it gets recommended to more people.

  4. Talk about the book! In real life or online, I get most of my reading recommendations from friends and colleagues. Word of mouth recommendations are the best, and if you love Shatter the Sky, please share!

  5. Talk about the book online! This is more of a 4b item, but if you are excited about Shatter the Sky, an awesome thing to do is share it on your social media—Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. If you see it in the wild, take pictures and share!

It’s been a surreal journey, and it’s so strange to think that my part in it is coming to a close. Today I give the book to you. Thanks for being on the ride.

Happy 2019! (ARCs!)

Hello, world! I’m finally poking my head out into the internet again. My aim is to dust off some internet spaces this year, but I’m not going to commit to anything that hints at being a schedule—considering that I wrote literally two blog posts in 2018, that’s probably a good thing. Last year was a big year—I sold a book! I rewrote that book A LOT! I sold a second book! (Actually, that’s pretty much it. Moving on…)

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The Book Deal Post

Pretty much everyone who knows me in any capacity (online and in real life) knows that I love books. 99.9% of those people also know that I'm a writer as well, although I tend to keep quieter about that side of things because it's difficult to talk about the writing side of things when there's not much going on besides "Well, I'm still writing."

Well - I'm still writing. But last week something else happened too.

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Juniper (Monica Furlong)

A few weeks ago I put out the call on Twitter for young adult and middle grade books with very strong fantasy settings, as I'd been challenged with the setting on one of my current WIPs. I was fortunate to hear back from enough kind people to assemble a reading list of seven or eight titles, which I promptly put on hold at the library. I was familiar with some titles already (Princess Academy, which I was more than happy to reread), and introduced to others for the first time (Darkbeast, which is waiting on my nightstand as I type), but there was one that caught my eye particularly: Juniper, a middle grade novel by Monica Furlong.

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